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Best sleep products for a better night’s sleep

Sleep should be simple: Lie down, close your eyes, saw logs. But if you’ve ever struggled to fall asleep — as 40 million Americans do — you know it’s not that easy. In fact, most insomnia sufferers would gladly fork over a paycheck for these sleep products in exchange for a few hours of shuteye.

This means that the market for gimmicky sleep products — from snake oil supplements to Himalayan salt therapy, hypnosis, and everything in between — is ripe. But not everything on the market is a total sham.

I’m all about sleep aids. Seriously: Regularly skimping on shuteye has been linked to weight gain and decreased productivity, and even ramps up your risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure. (Not to mention being sleep deprived feels pretty crummy.) That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite ingenious sleep products that promise to help you sleep better every night, including specialized bedding, bedroom gadgets, light-blocking devices, and more. Stock up and start getting the Z’s you need.

Editor choice 7 Dry Eye Solutions

Dry Eye Solutions

Dry Eye is a serious condition that affects the normal life of many individuals. You may have constant itching, burning or scratching sensation and, in many cases, vision can be compromised. Discover the joy of symptom's relief with the following products. These comfortable treatments along with other sleep remedies ...

2 Best Body Pillow for Sleep

Best Body Pillow for Sleep

A body pillow is literally the size of your body. You sleep on it as if you're lying across your partner. Hopefully there will be no jealousy! Likely the fact that you sleep well, instead of tossing and turning, will make it easy for your bedmate to welcome a body pillow. A u-shaped pillow provides that extra support ...