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Side Sleeper: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on Your Side

The Side Sleeper’s Guide To Sleeping

Next to back sleeping, side sleeping is the next best thing. However, for a side sleeper sleeping on the wrong mattress can put you in a world of pain and discomfort. A mystical land of numb arms and tingling fingers. A place of aching shoulders and sore backs.

When you sleep on your side, there is a greater distance between the mattress and your head than there is for people who sleep on their backs or stomach. This distance needs to be filled to keep the head straight, so the spine remains in line. When your head is lowered towards the mattress, it causes the neck to bend, putting pressure on the nerves, and strains muscles and tendons. That’s why sleeping in the wrong position can leave you feeling tired in the morning, or worse, give you headaches or back pain, muscle weakness, tingling in the arms or legs, and even can cause issues such as sciatica.

The Secret to Sleeping on Your Side

When sleeping on your side, the best spinal alignment is straight. If your spine is bending, then it’s straining. When your spine is locked in an unnatural position for hours at a time (like when you sit at work or sleep) it results in frequent pain.

Spine Curvature Comparison

Keeping your spine nice and straight will give you the best recharge for the next day. But, most mattresses are simply the worst at handling side sleepers.

Supportive Mattress

A supportive mattress will have the largest affect on your sleep quality. Try rolling a small towel for under your neck and waist or check out these mattresses to help you sleep better.

The Top 12 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers 2018

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